SS7 Signaling Products

SEGway Signaling Gateway

  • Flexible Configurations
  • Network-Proven Solutions
  • Eases transition to Next Generation Networks
  • Reduces Network Transport Costs
  • Carrier Grade Product Offering

Whether signaling requirements include basic “SS7 on-ramp” gateway capabilities of SIGTRAN (M3UA/SUA) for applications or a total solutions package with complete routing, address translation anWhether signaling requirements include basic "SS7 on-ramp" gateway capabilities of SIGTRAN (M3UA/SUA) for applications or a total solutions package with complete routing, address translation and network security, SEGway Signaling Gateways offer the unparalleled performance and functionality demanded by voice over IP (VoIP) and wireless networks.

Designed using the latest industry standards and engineered for reliability, PTs signaling gateways support the convergence of Signaling System 7 (SS7) and Internet Protocol (IP) networks in a compact cost-efficient package.

Mobile Network Application using a SEGway Signaling Gateway

Mobile Network Application using a SEGway Signaling Gateway

When used in conjunction with softswitches, media gateways, and application servers, the signaling gateway provides the SS7 "on-ramp" that enables IP-telephony applications to emulate the call control functionality or service-processing capabilities of traditional circuit-switched telephone network switches, interconnection charges, or point code preservation/conservation.

VoIP Network using a SEGway Signaling Gateway

VoIP Network using a SEGway Signaling Gateway

Flexible Configurations

SEGway Signaling Gateways by PT, offer several types of user application interfaces to provide access to the complete SS7 information message stream. Our signaling gateways are designed to be easily adaptable and quickly integrated into the customers’ call control or service creation software environment. SEGway Signaling Gateways support IP connectivity to IP-enabled devices through the latest International Engineering Task Force (IETF) SIGTRAN protocol suite (M3UA and SUA over SCTP). Advanced Gateway Redirection goes further than the industry standards and enables even detailed routing and powerful routing keys. Traffic may be redirected to the application based on many MTP and SCCP layer parameters and may be sent to that application in its entirety or as a copy of the original traffic.

Our larger signaling gateway solutions may be licensed to include full Signal Transfer Point (STP) routing capabilities and all the options available on our SEGway STPs. SEGway Signaling Gateway software offers a powerful range of configurations. When the software is deployed as a Signaling End Point (SEP), the network provider can connect a number of softswitch and media gateway configurations in widely dispersed geographic areas with the signaling gateway appearing as a separate network entity or “virtual switch” and acting as a single point code to the SS7 network. The software may also be set up to emulate the presence of multiple endpoints via virtual point codes to allow access to more voice trunks and greater traffic distribution.

Network-Proven Solutions

Signaling solutions by PT have been deployed for international and domestic applications in wireless and wireline configurations worldwide, including the United States, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, and China. Our signaling gateways offer multiple co-resident stacks that conform to ANSI, ITU-T, Japanese, and Chinese SS7 specifications. This flexibility allows customers to transparently deploy their own IP network solution throughout the world without needing to rewrite their own software.

Signaling Gateway Solution Sheet: SEGway Product Overview
Application Gateway Core to Edge Topology Signaling Gateway SIP Bridge SIGTRAN Off load Advanced Routing SMS Security Network Monitoring Cap & Evolve Centralized Routing Protocol Networking PCRF Binding Topology Hiding Security Routing Segmentation Load Balancing Multiple HSS Routing Roam Steering PCI-PCI Express Wan Communication Radar/Sensor Data Distribution Multicast Payload Transport T1/E1/J1 Monitoring Signaling Gateway Signal Transfer Point Application Gateway Advanced Routing and Screening Element Management System Link Replacement Number Portability SIGTRAN SIP Signaling Bridge SMS Defense Signal Transfer Point (STP) Roam Steering IP Edge Point Code Emulation for Segway STPs Message Accounting Universal Diameter Router