SS7 Signaling Products



  • Reduced Transport Costs
  • IP-Centric Network Design
  • Eases Migration to Next Generation Networks
  • Interoperability
  • Scalability

All of PT's SEGway products offer complete flexibility in the choice of SIGTRAN interfaces from M2PA and M2UA to Signaling Gateway protocols - M3UA and SUA. These scalable solutions allow carriers to define a solution that fits today’s needs with room to grow and meet future traffic needs. As business expands, only a license key change is required – there are no additional hardware costs. 

IP-based networks have become the preferred infrastructure for signaling, replacing traditional circuit-switched SS7 networks. Signaling equipment deployed today must be capable of supporting both standards’ based SIGTRAN (M2PA, M3UA, SUA, M2UA) protocols as well as SS7 to ensure ubiquity and seamless transition to this new paradigm.

IP-based signaling offers distinct advantages over traditional signaling channels. SIGTRAN associations/links are capable of delivering much higher bandwidth on a single connection than either a 56kb/64kb channel or 1.544Mb ATM/HSL link. In addition, IP-multi-homing offers another layer of network resiliency over legacy network deployments. 

PT's SEGway solutions enable efficient signaling traffic growth from the edge of the network to the core whether transitioning or expanding a network.



Application Gateway Core to Edge Topology Signaling Gateway SIP Bridge SIGTRAN Off load Advanced Routing SMS Security Network Monitoring Cap & Evolve Centralized Routing Protocol Networking PCRF Binding Topology Hiding Security Routing Segmentation Load Balancing Multiple HSS Routing Roam Steering PCI-PCI Express Wan Communication Radar/Sensor Data Distribution Multicast Payload Transport T1/E1/J1 Monitoring Signaling Gateway Signal Transfer Point Application Gateway Advanced Routing and Screening Element Management System Link Replacement Number Portability SIGTRAN SIP Signaling Bridge SMS Defense Signal Transfer Point (STP) Roam Steering IP Edge Point Code Emulation for Segway STPs Message Accounting Universal Diameter Router