Company Overview

PT is a global supplier of advanced network communications solutions to service provider, government, and OEM markets. The company’s award-winning products include IP-centric network elements and applications designed for high availability, scalability, and long lifecycle deployments. Over the years, PT has developed an impressive portfolio of communications offerings, through organic expansion as well as acquisitions. PT is headquartered in Rochester, NY, and maintains sales and engineering offices around the world.

Single Vendor Solution for Products and Services

Customers around the globe are turning to PT as a single-source provider of high-value network communications solutions coupled with world-class support and maintenance programs.

Over Thirty Years of Innovation and Industry Experience

PT has a proven track record of success in defining new levels of performance and adapting its products and services to a constantly changing marketplace. This expertise has enabled the company to remain a consistent leader in its industry. Backed by an innovative team of experts, PT offers a rich value proposition that enables customers to meet their most pressing business and technology challenges.

Fully Integrated Product Portfolios

Products from PT offer service providers, equipment manufacturers and integrators carefully architected solution sets for communications network deployments.

SEGway SS7 Signaling Solutions

PT’s premier suite of IP-centric STPs, gateways, edges, and network applications, permits service providers to cost-effectively deliver revenue-generating features in Next-Generation Networks (NGNs). SEGway solutions are deployed in numerous world-class wireless and wireline service provider networks around the globe because of their high density and unparalleled price-to-performance ratio. This, together with SEGway’s flexibility in edge-to-core deployments, small footprint, and ease of use, has earned the portfolio its reputation as “Simply Smarter Signaling.”

SEGway Diameter Signaling Solutions

PTs SEGway Universal Diameter Router (UDR) provides a flexible, robust carrier grade solution to the Diameter routing dilemma. SEGway UDR provides essential functions of centralized core and edge routing for Diameter Protocol elements widely used in the all-IP, service-oriented, IMS and Long Term Evolution (LTE) architecture networks.  The SEGway UDR‘s flexible routing engine with advanced screening capabilities provides the ability to route and screen on any Attribute Value Pair (AVP) in the message.  Architected for extensibility as well as straightforward evolution to future Diameter applications, this high-powered platform makes SEGway UDR ideal for LTE/EPC and IMS networks.

IPnexus Multi-Protocol Gateways and Servers Solutions

PT develops the communications platforms that allow customers to leverage legacy infrastructure while efficiently moving to IP-based networking for sensor data acquisition, distribution, and recording. PT’s comprehensive NexusWare WAN protocols include the most utilized standard and military-specific protocols for any-to-any connectivity to support radar/sensor data acquisition and recording.

For More Information

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Application Gateway Core to Edge Topology Signaling Gateway SIP Bridge SIGTRAN Off load Advanced Routing SMS Security Network Monitoring Cap & Evolve Centralized Routing Protocol Networking PCRF Binding Topology Hiding Security Routing Segmentation Load Balancing Multiple HSS Routing Roam Steering PCI-PCI Express Wan Communication Radar/Sensor Data Distribution Multicast Payload Transport T1/E1/J1 Monitoring Signaling Gateway Signal Transfer Point Application Gateway Advanced Routing and Screening Element Management System Link Replacement Number Portability SIGTRAN SIP Signaling Bridge SMS Defense Signal Transfer Point (STP) Roam Steering IP Edge Point Code Emulation for Segway STPs Message Accounting Universal Diameter Router